fnb credit card

FNB Credit Card

  • It is encouraging to learn that your FNB Credit Card is your immediate entry-point to start saving and earning value-added points.
  • You can earn 15% in eBucks on your Credit Card when you use your FNB Credit Card to fill up with fuel.
  • Perhaps one of the best perks when you have an FNB Credit Card is that you will automatically qualify for comprehensive value-added benefits that include AA Emergency Roadside Assistance should you also have a Petro Card; you will also qualify for Comprehensive Global Travel Insurance and Debit Protection.
  • If you are concerned about being alerted every time a transaction is performed on your credit card, you will be able to enjoy the value-added inContact which means that you will be updated via SMS and email regarding your account.
  • With an FNB credit card your interest rates will be tailored specifically for you.

How to apply

Getting your FNB credit card is simple thanks to the simple online platform. But this is not the only method since you can also submit your details and the banker will call you. If you like face to face transactions, you’ll just need to find a branch and apply from there.

There are four cards which are Gold, Premier, Private Clients, and Private Wealth. To qualify, you need to meet the earning requirements which vary depending on the card. In addition, you have to prove that you are of a legal age with a stable source of income.

FNB Gold Credit Card

The Gold credit card ensures that you can shop with ease since you get unlimited swipes for free. Once you sign up for the card, it will be delivered for free so you can start enjoying your rewards and discounts in various ebucks shops.

FNB Premier Credit Card

The Premier credit card is a powerful key to a fulfilling lifestyle. When you get this card, you are automatically enrolled in the ebucks rewards program. Every time you swipe, you earn some points that can be redeemed for various purchases.

FNB private client Credit Card

The Private Clients credit card is designed to offer multiple benefits and exclusive rewards. With this card, you get access to a personal private banker who will address your needs.